High Purity Tetramisole Hydrochloride CAS 5086-74-8 Bpv98 Tetramisole

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WhatsApp/Telegram:0086-153 7767 0397 Tell/Wechat:0086-153 7767 0397 Wickr:cassiehe Email:sales5@aoksbio.com Product name : Tetramisole Cas : 5086-74-8 Boiling point 344.4 ° C at 760 mmHg Melting point DHS C. 266-267 Molecular formula C11H13ClN2S Molecular weight 240.752 Flash point 162.1 DHS C Accurate mass 240.048798 PSA 40.90000 LogP 2.32160 Appearance white to light cream color crystalline powder Storage conditions Store at room temperature, away from light, in a cool and dry place, sealed Stability Stable at room temperature and pressure, white or yellowish acicular crystal. Odourless. The mei. Soluble in water (21g/100ml, 20℃), methanol, propylene glycol, slightly soluble in ethanol, chloroform, hexane and acetone. Stimulating. Water solubility 200 g/L (20 ° C) Have a good day! I am Cassie from HUBEI AOKS BIO-TECH CO.LTD. We are writing to you to establish long-term trade relations with you. We have our own factory for ten years in the chemical business. Our products are 100% safety guarantee. We can provide the factory price, If you want big quantity, we can also negotiable then. And we have a big discount for regular customers. If you have any interest in that, pls contact us. I’m looking forward to your reply! Our main products: Methylamine?hydrochloride?cas593-51-1 Dimethylamine?hydrochloride,?CAS?506-59-2 Trimethylamine?hydrochloride,?CAS?593-81-7 Sodium?borohydride,CAS?16940-66-2? 2-phenylethanaminium?chloride?Cas?156-28-5 2,5-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde?cas?93-02-7 Cas?99-92-3???4-Aminoacetophenone 1-Bromo-3,5-dimethyladamantane??Cas?941-37-7? WhatsApp/Telegram:0086-153 7767 0397 Tell/Wechat:0086-153 7767 0397 Wickr:cassiehe Email:sales5@aoksbio.com

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