Buy liquid 99% Acetophenone CAS 98-86-2 in China (+8619930507977)

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Dear sir or madam, This is Spring of Qingdao Cemo Technology Develop Co., Ltd. Our company can provide you with the highest product specifications and product purity, And we have very rich export experience and skilled customs clearance operations. We have long-term cooperative trading partners in many countries around the world, such as Japan, South Korea, UK, USA, Russia, etc. We are very much looking forward to cooperating with you! whatsapp:+8619930507977 Wechat:19930507977 Telegram:+8619930507977 According to the survey results released by the National Health and Health Commission in 2021: more than 90% of the elderly in my country choose home-based care, and how to take good care of the elderly and disabled elderly has always been a difficulty and pain point for home-based elderly care. The elderly and disabled require regular professional care. For some families, such a long-term expense is difficult to cover alone. In order to solve the problem of home care for the severely disabled elderly, in July 2021, Nanjing implemented the disabled person care insurance system. Those insured who are assessed as severely disabled can obtain professional and free home care services.

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